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Green Building Technology

Shanghai Landsea Architecture Technology Co., Ltd. is the core technical body of Landsea Group and a national-level high-tech enterprise. Landsea’s green construction sector also includes Shanghai Landsea Planning & Architecture Design Institute which has A-level qualification, Landsea Europe R & D GmbH in Frankfurt, Energy-saving Technology Corporation providing construction management and system debugging/operation, and Landsea Changxing Test Center.

As of now, Landsea has owned an international technical team of over 200 members fromChina, theUKandGermany. The team has acquired 145 authorized patents, co-formulated a collection of national and local industrial standards, participated in a couple of national projects under the "eleventh and twelfth five-year plans", and accumulated experience in full-process management of green buildings measuring 4 million square meters and operation of ground-source heat pump systems measuring 2 million square meters.

Corporate vision: Become the most competitive service provider for green building technical integration in China.
Service content: Healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient solutions in architecture environments, passive low-energy-consumption buildings, green building consultancy and certification, etc.
Service characteristics: Provide clients with one-stop services covering the whole project process, including consultancy design, purchase services, construction management, debugging, testing, operation and management. 
Main clients: Individuals, residential communities, hotels, sanatoriums and office buildings, etc.