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Leaders Oration

Landsea takes "an everlasting green company" as its vision and "green innovates future" as its mission. In accordance with the values of "Advocate humanity, Respect innovation" and the spirit of "Landsea always on the way", Landsea will, progressively get itself transformed into a diversified green conglomerate taking green-tech capacity as the core and integrating green technical services, green real estate development, green old-age care services and green finance services in the coming decade according to changes in our resource endowment, especially external environment. That is exactly our green strategy.

Landsea is a legal, standard and upright enterprise with rigorous self-discipline criterion. Landsea does not offer or accept bribes, manipulate accounts, evade taxes or deceive customers. Over the past 11 years, Landsea has offered nearly 100,000 customers comfortable, healthy, energy-conserving green housing products and perfect services, thus preliminarily establishing our industrial leading role among green-tech brands. Gallup surveys since 2009 show that our key indexes, such as customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, have become industrial benchmarks.

By sticking to the concept of green development, Landsea has become a member of the China Green Building Council, the German Sustainable Building Council and the US Green Building Council, and won national awards including "Elite Gold Award for Housing Science and Technology", "Huaxia Building Science and Technology Award (First Prize)" and "Guangsha Award" as well as titles including "Enterprise with Special Contribution to China Human Settlement Achievements", "Chinas Best Low-carbon Enterprise" and "China’s Top 100 Green Companies”. Due to our practice and efforts in green low carbon, Landsea has become a member of the Climate Group, the partner of Zero Carbon Pavilion of Shanghai 2010 World Expo and a member of "Climate Neutral Network" of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Landsea is devoted to public welfare undertakings. Via the "Landsea Fund", Landsea has invested nearly 30 million yuan in building Landsea Wuquan “Hope” Elementary School in the quake-hit Wangcang County, Guangyuan City and Labu Landsea Hope Primary School in the quake-hit Chindu County, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai.

Landsea is committed to building an ever-innovative and humanistic company, and will keep to the mission of "green innovates future", go all out for the dream of "everlasting green company", continue and deepen the green strategy and explore sustainable business modes, in a bid to become a longstanding corporate citizen.