company profile

Founded on May 28, 2012, Shanghai Green Fir Investment Co., Ltd. is located at Jing’an District, Shanghai. With a registered capital of RMB 120 million yuan, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landsea Group and Landsea’s green financial platform for financing and investment.

Shanghai Green Fir Investment Co., Ltd. holds four branches. In October 2012, Green Fir Investment issued Landsea Green Carbon China Green Building Industry Development Fund Phase I (limited partnership) with a scale of 600 million yuan. In addtion, it plans to issue 2 to 3 funds and trust products soon.

Green Fir Investment plans to realize a financing scale of 1.5-2 billion yuan in 2012, and a stock assets scale of 5 billion yuan and 7-8 billion yuan in 2013 and 2014 respectively.


Original intention for founding

To further improve the internal ability and professionalization level for capital operation, by separating the real estate development and real estate investment functions that were originally under its real estate sector, Landsea formed its financial sector, Green Fir Investment, an important channel for external investment and financing.


Origin of “Green Fir”

“Green” means that although Green Fir Investment is engaged in investment and financing, it will not deviate from its green business; “Fir” is a good hope that the company will be lofty, forceful and vital as the fir tree.

With the hope of being “green, long lasting and forceful”, Green Fir Investment will forge ahead as a professional investment and financing company based on the nature and enterprise culture of Landsea.


Green Fir’s vision: a professional investment and financing institution focusing on green industries

Green Fir’s mission:

Mission 1: by means of various investment and financing ways like the fund, trust and bond, Green Fir Investment will invest in green real estate projects, green elderly care industries, and energy-saving retro-fitting projects of Landsea Group.

Mission 2: invest in external profitable projects conforming to the development direction of Landsea.

Mission 3: carry out equity investment in well-run enterprises relating to green industries and with the potential to be listed.