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The earliest oracle bone script about "human" features a hard-working image that stoops and plumbs arms, representing the only civilization-creating creature on the earth. And housing is exactly the habitat of human population and civilization. With the constant evolution of "humans", the dream of residence has kept evolving and the housing people live on has kept reforming.


Over the decade, Landsea has intensified operations in green housing field. Guided by the green strategy, Landsea has upgraded from its single product line to multiple product lines covering customers life cycles on basis of its studies on customer demand. In summary, customers can find suitable green housing from Landsea at their different stages of life.


Those young people who are getting married or newly wedded are in the early days of their career and life. They pursue a quality life and are hopeful about their future life.


Landsea offered them cost-effective happy homes, such as Shanghai Landsea Future Tree and Suzhou Landsea Future Block. For the working and living convenience of young people, Landsea chose plots directly accessing subway and bus, and ensured short-range basic living support such as supermarket and catering. Landsea used modern lines and bright colors in facade. In housing design, compact low-price two-room and three-small-room types predominate, with functional space maximized. Besides, Landsea offered these customers extra green equipment such as air-conditioning system and negative pressure ventilation system, and properly arranged systems according to temperatures in different areas and air flow simulation at different altitudes, thereby surprising vigorous families.