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Enterprise Value
View: Everlasting green company

Advocating the idea of harmony between people, society and the nature, Landsea aims to achieve enterprise vision of “serve the society and being evergreen” by exploring and adhere to the path of sustainable development.

Mission: Green Innovates Future

Landsea will promote social progress with green thinking and technology, continuously offer social ly and environmentally friendly products to the market, and become an excellent corporate citizen with high sense of responsibility.

Value: Humanity, Innovation

Humanistic "people-oriented"spirit is the safeguard, pursuit and concern to human dignity. Landsea’s humanistic spirit shows concern to things worthy of our attention beyond immediate interests in addition to the concern of customers, employees, shareholders, partners and stakeholders. We should analyze, judge and take action from human perspective even in difficult situations. Landsea values simple friendly interpersonal relationships and tries to create an open, learning cultural atmosphere for the organization. The company also emphasizes respect, trust, support and cooperation between team members. Landsea is committed to become a modern enterprise with rich humanity and culture.

Innovation is an eternal theme for enterprise’s development, and also is the source of enterprise’s progress. In Landsea, innovation does not only embody in the products and services, but also comprehensively reflects on corporate governance, management modes, marketing mode, management system and incentive mechanism among others. Landsea encourages innovation, tolerating failure, promoting practice, and persists in creating a kind of organization atmosphere conducive to innovation. Landsea is devoted to become an outstanding enterprise with sustainable innovation ability.

Company Spirit: “Landsea, always on the way”

Landsea motto: Lofty ambition, down-to-earth, unyielding

Company spirit: Landsea, always on the way.