industry fund

Fund name:Landsea Green Carbon China Green Building Industry Development Fund Phase I (limited partnership)

Fund scale:600 million yuan

Financing time:October 2012

Manager:Shanghai Hanqing Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Trustee:China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd.

Investment projects:Landsea Shanghai Future Tree project, Suzhou Dongwu Green County project, and Shanghai Landsea Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd.

Fund features:

1. Themed fund: focus on a green and low carbon living as the first parallel fund themed on green real estate.

2. Structural fund: effectively solve the problem of LP number limit faced by Limited partnership enterprises as a parallel fund model.

3. Direct fund: innovate financing structure and reject private equity depending on the trust scheme.

4. Equity fund: effectively control the risks and profits of the fund by diversified investment plans.

5. Innovative fund: develop virtuously interactive and innovative products via industry-financing integration in real estate area.

6. Valuable fund: provide investors with comprehensive services via the unique investor management model.