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Company Profile

Landsea Group, established in 2001, is among the Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Developers and known as the Chinese leading developer and operator of green tech properties. For a long term, Landsea Group has been adopting the strategy of differentiated development of green techs. At present, its core business is the residential property development. At the same time, Landsea Group is active to develop the new business such as green-building technologies, green elderly care and green financial service. Thanks to its overseas investment strategy, Landsea has started its property business in the United States and Germany. Till today, Landsea’s total assets have reached RMB 27.5 billion.

At present, Landsea has developed or is developing more than 50 projects in major Chinese cities such as Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Wuxi, Changzhou, Shaoxing, Zhangjiagang and Hefei, etc. These projects’ space stands at about 8.5 million square meters.

Based on integrating the advanced international technologies and experience, Landsea has gradually established its unique organizing capacity and product characteristics. Residences developed by Landsea are green residences that are healthy, environmental, comfortable and energy-efficient favored and recognized by the clients. Till today, the 19 residential projects of Landsea have won the Green Triple Stars Logo, the highest-level certification of green building design awarded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development.

Landsea is the founding member of China Green Building Council. It is also the member of Green Building Council in Germany and US. For 3 times, Landsea has won the title of Top 100 Green Companies in China, and the Chinese Property Gold Brick Award, the Annual Green Property Award. Besides, it has won the Gold Prize of Elite House Science and Technology, First Prize of Huaxia Building Science and Technology, Guangxia Prize and many other national-level awards. Two of Landsea projects are sci-tech demo projects of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development. Landsea Group has distinctive capacity in green building technologies and owns a few professional bodies such as Shanghai Green Building Technology Company, European Building Technology Company, national-level green building R&D base and grade-A architecture institute. Owning about 150 patents in building technologies, Landsea is recognized as the leading developer of green buildings.

Relying on its ability, experience and brands accumulated in the field of differentiated green products over the past decade and more, Landsea has been working hard to develop commissioned development, small stock trading, collaborative development and other light-assets business models so as to lighten the traditional heavy-assets model in the property market and respond to the changes in the industry in a more flexible and easier posture.