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Landsea Green Town, South Gate, Suzhou

Total floor area:28,000 square meters
Overview:Situated in core business circle of the South Gate in Canglang District, an old town of Suzhou City, Landsea Green Town, South Gate is viewed as an exemplary project that firstly integrates the sci-tech system and Suzhou City’s humanistic traits in Suzhou, and it boasts matchless commercial and natural resources. In the vicinity of Taihua Shopping Mall (the gathering place of tiptop international brands), Sulun Plaza (Suzhou’s largest city complex), Carrefour, and Suzhou Cultural Market, the project is also located in picturesque sightseeing areas like Xitang River, Canglang Pavilion, Ruiguang Tower, and Panmen Scenic Spot. Due to this, the project will be an optimal choice for both living and business. By seamlessly integrating the 10 major world-advanced technologies with Suzhou City’s traditional living philosophy, the project perfectly showcases the coziness of buildings in the South of Yangtze River.Landsea Green Town, South Gate refers to international first-rate brands to make its fine decoration standard, as well as formulate the sci-tech housing lifelong guarantee plan: Lifelong Guarantee Plan for the Housing with High Coziness and Landsea Real Estate’s Customer Service Guarantee Plan, heralding the beginning of China’s lifelong guarantee system by compensation. With a focus on details, the project brings owners all-new human care and provides them with exclusive and private VIP experiences. All in all, details in the project showcase the masterpiece’s charisma and beauty as well as exemplify living coziness and high-end habitable value.Positioned as a tiptop and finely-decorated sci-tech housing, the Landsea Green Town, South Gate consists of one 23-floor building, one 32-floor building, and three townhouses, with house area ranging between 88square meters and 282 square meters. In total, the project is made up of 162 houses and equipped with upscale facilities such as first-rate club, fitness center, and swimming pool etc. Furthermore, the project adopts 10 major sci-tech systems like GSHP and fresh air system to provide all residents with perfect living experience.