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Landsea Future House, Wuxi

Total floor area:213,000 square meters
Overview:Located in Taihu Square, the Parlor of Wuxi City, Landsea Future House shares lots of facilities, such as business building, commercial center, five-star hotel, and daily life facilities etc. Located at the junction between Taihu Avenue and Yunhe West Road, the project, sitting on the west bank of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is opposite to the Wuxi Municipal Library across the river. With a total built-up area of 150,000 square meters, the project consists of two plots (Plot A and Plot B) and falls into two phases. Of which, the Phase I refers to the development of Plot B, and comprises six buildings in two types (9-floor building and 11-floor building). In overall layout, the Landsea Future House adopts the German Street Block style, which accords with contemporary people’s living philosophy and accentuates the Harmony, Respect, and Communication. In the project region there are a great number of governmental supporting facilities such as the People’s Congress Hall, Municipal Library, Wuxi City Service Center for Administrative Examination & Approval, the Building for the Wuxi Administration of Industry and Commerce, the Youth Activity Center, the Office Building for the Wuxi Bureau of Land and Resources, the Wuxi Municipal Museum, the Wuxi Exhibition Center of Revolutionary Historic Relics, and the Wuxi Sci-tech Museum etc. As the most centralized area for Wuxi City’s governmental supporting facilities and social undertaking projects, the project region (Taihu Square) boasts consummate functions and high degree of focus. With respect to upscale hotel facilities, several five-star hotels will be built at Kempinski, the World Trade Center, Oriental Times Plaza, and the Project’s Plot A and Plot B etc in the Taihu Square, which will foster an internationalized business & living circumstance and draw attention from international elites with different consumption habits. The project location is regarded as a shopping paradise with top-level scale because it is adjacent to the World Trade Center and the Lufthansa Center, and that Shenzhen Maoye Group will also build a 150m shopping belt along the Qingyang Road, which will vastly improve such zone’s commercial value.