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Landsea Green Residentional Area, Wuhan

Total floor area:120,000 square meters
Overview:Located at No. 68, Longyang Avenue, Hanyang District (the intersection between Longyang Avenue and Longyang Hunan Road), Landsea Green Residential Area, Wuhan, is only 3km away from Wangjiawan Business Circle, 1.5km from the 3rd Ring Road Elevated Bridge, and 11km away from Wuguang Business Circle. With total investment of about RMB 980 million, total floor space of 51095.55 square meters, and total built-up area of 121608 square meters, the project has housing area of 97068 square kilometers and supporting facilities area of 24540 square meters. It is noteworthy that the project has a building density of 11%, a plot ratio of 2.38, and a reforestation rate of above 70%, and it is the Central China’s first green sci-tech housing that meets the Green Three-star Standard, with energy-saving rate surpassing 80%. Without need of installing the air conditioning, radiant floor heating, and humidifier, houses of the project always maintain cozy indoor temperature of 18-26℃ and comfy indoor humidity of 30-70%, in addition to all-day supply of fresh air. In the house, the noise is controlled below 45db, and that indoor light can be freely adjusted. Moreover, the project refers to international first-rate brands to complete the fine decoration and design. In the project there are two 25-floor buildings, one 29-floor building, three 31-floor buildings, and two 33-floor buildings (eight high-rise buildings in total) and one 24-floor commercial building. Adjacent to Longyang Avenue, an artery road of Wuhan City, the project has an access to three towns of Wuhan City through 10-odd bus lines. Additionally, Wuhan Metro Line III and VI will be put into service, which will further intensify the project’s traffic advantages.