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Landsea Green Town, Zhongshan, Nanjing

Total floor area:115,000 square meters
Overview:Landsea Green Town, Zhongshan, as the representative work of Landsea Green Residential Area’s G2 Collection, is located at the eastern foot of Jijin Mountain in the east of Nanjing City, and so it enjoys a profound cultural background and superexcellent humanistic environment. Besides, the project boasts advantaged education resources since there are 14 higher education institutions (like Xianlin University Town), Xinlin Foreign Study School, and Middle School attached to Nanjing Normal University in or near at the place where it is located. Day by day, living facilities in the project region are being consummated, and that the project shares Golden Eagle Aolai Town, Yadong Commercial Plaza, golf course, racecourse, Zhongshan Sports Center, and Xinlin Hospital affiliated to Gulou Hospital etc. In the vicinity of the project, the Zidong International Originality Industry Park and Xuzhuang Software Park (under construction) are viewed as the Disney Land for new technologies and originalities.With a total built-up area of about 115,000 square meters and a plot ratio of 1.2, Landsea Green Town, Zhongshan, is mainly equipped with 6-floor sci-tech foreign-style elevator houses and some sci-tech duplexes, and so the project is an unusual green low-density community in Zijin Mountain Are. In Nanjing City, the project will go all out to cultivate a healthy, cozy, human-centric, sustainable quality town.The project integrates numerous innovations of Landsea G2 Collection, and puts forward all-round solution to the unnoticeable indoor VOC issue. According to the solution, indoor air will be renewed every two hours, and indoor temperature is adjustable within the moderate scope. Aside from that, the project installs a human-centric collection system that covers all house spaces like bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom etc. Moreover, the project devises a 1.5L house that is more environmentally-friendly and comfortable.In the Landsea Green Town’s building there are a great number of creative points, such as unique entrance dual-lobby, sink-style courtyard, sunshine basement with innovative sci-tech system, three-layer reforestation system (roof, vertical, and room), 3D sightseeing space (from the bottom to roof), 55m municipal reforestation plaza along Xianlin Avenue, high forest of about 15000square meters along the 55m slope landscaping belt in the west of the project. That will present you a Land of Paradise full of green elements.