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Green Aged care development objectives

The objective of Landsea’s aged care business is to provide an ideal living environment for the aged and drive the development of the whole aged care industry via commercialized operation so that they can live a healthy, long, comfortable and dignified retirement life.

By continuous exploration and accumulation, and gradually piloting aged care products, Landsea will establish complete design and service teams, take the lead in building a mature and duplicable green aged care business model in China, expand into all China regions from the Yangtze River Delta after the maturity of the business model, and form Landsea’s core competitiveness in aged care industry in the near future.

The aged care industry, supported by the government as a key work, is a field aimed by many companies with strategic vision, and also an ardent hope for aged customers. Landsea, with a sincere heart, is willing to join hands with partners with the same goals to realize the rapid growth of the aged care industry. Landsea will implement the “Deep Green” aged care strategy with practical actions.