Sumitomo Seeks Deep Cooperation with Landsea Green Properties


On February 3, 2015, Landsea Green Living Museum welcomed a delegation of five members led by Koki Inoue, director of renowned Japanese enterprise - Sumitomo, Sumitomos general representative in East Asia District and CEO of Sumitomo China. The delegation visited and investigated headquarters of Landsea Green Group and relevant projects, and actively promoted its strategic cooperation with Landsea.

Sumitomos Realty & Development sector is one of the Japans largest real estate operators that is mainly engaged in businesses such as residential and commercial building development, office leasing, apartment sales and real estate agency. In Japan, Sumitomo Realty & Development is the leader in premium apartment sales and realty supply. In the Japanese residential and commercial buildings market, Sumitomo has led the industry by innovative products.

Sumitomo Realty & Development has schemed out innovative housing and buildings with its technologies and ideas in fields such as edifice, office building, detached villa, decoration & refurbishment, restaurant and hotel. For example, Dynamic Panorama Window widely used on skyscrapers and office buildings in downtown Tokyo is exactly inspired by the idea of "making the most of skyscraper landscape" based on the commonality of residential and commercial buildings.

Sumitomo hailed as a "pioneer" has been actively promoting its cooperation with Landsea because of recognizing Landseas strength and brand influence in the field of green properties after looking into the Chinese real estate industry. It is believed that the cooperation with Sumitomo Realty & Development will bring Landsea onto a broader platform.

Apart from Koki Inoue, the delegation included Kanezawa Norikazu, Toriyama Yoshihiro, Shao Weigang and Hirosige Yutarou. Through the investigation, Inoue learned about Landseas current situation and its future strategy, reached a consensus with Landsea on future cooperation, and planned to work with Landsea in a wide range of fields such as product construction, technical R & D, project management and equity investment.

We have every reason to believe that Sumitomos advanced management concept and mature operation model will help Landsea fulfill its dream of green residence, and expect the two sides to make more contributions to Chinas and Japans green building industries.

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