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Social Public Welfare Undertaking

An eligible corporate citizen needs to have three personality traits: being responsible, influential and ready to help others. During its rapid growth in recent decade, Landsea have always deemed it our duty to help others, devoted ourselves to social public undertakings and earnestly performed our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Landsea Fund:

Landsea Grant Fund, set up in 2007, is a non-governmental non-profit and open organization formed by Landsea Group, its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, trade union and other people spontaneously by adhering to the purpose of benefiting the society and aiding the poor, which is committed to aiding students in economic difficulties.

“Hope” Elementary School :After May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake, Landsea was the first to be present in the disaster area, helping build Wuquan Town Central Elementary School, Wangcang, Guangyuan, Sichuan Province, which was seriously damaged. Landsea organized elite force to build, and completed it only within 4months. The newly-built Landsea Wuquan “Hope” Elementary School can hold over 1,800 people, a school whose teaching conditions have improved greatly, and its teaching software and hardware have improved remarkably.

Scholarship, allowance plan:Landsea Fund has officially initiated the scholarship and allowance plan. Excellent teachers and students will receive scholarship and allowance. In addition, they will have the opprotunity to go to the Yangtze River Delta Region for training and exchange provided by Landsea Group.

One-to-one Help Plan:The “One-to-one Help Plan” officially initiated by Landsea Fund is provided with the necessary information platform and service by Landsea Fund, which offers long-term education aid to the students helped, and continues to be concerned about their growth and feeds back information to contributors in time. So far, the seventh “One-to-one help” is coming to an end, and almost one hundred students in the disaster-ridden area have received help.

[Friendly cooperation school plan: It is part of the exchange of resources of Landsea Wuquan “Hope” Elementary School to seek friendly cooperative elementary schools for Wuquan “Hope” Elementary School, and at present Nanjing Shigulu Elementary School, Langyalu Elementary School, Hangzhou Tianchang Elementary School and Shanghai Yangtai Elementary School have become the friendly cooperative schools of Landsea Wuquan “Hope” Elementary School.

Green Finance:
It endeavors to actively build green corporate culture and green office environment, and advocates green mode of conduct. The newly-set up “Landsea Green Fund” has 10 million Yuan (RMB) initial start-up capital to continue to support green public welfare undertakings.