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Responsibility to the Environment

Landsea follows the concept of the unity and harmony of man and nature. Nature is the home for man and universe. We should aim to the direction of environment-friendly, green, ecological and sustainable development. Caring and protecting natural environment is the constant pursuit of Landsea.

In the coming decade, faced with the slowing economic growth, changing demographics, environmental protection and other macro environment changes, faced with the intense real estate industry competition, the leveling off of industry profit, the advancing of specialization and professional and other trends, Landsea will continue to nurture the real estate industry relying on its own endowment of resources and its professional team as well as technical ability ,market segment and brand advantages. In the meantime, Landsea will expand in depth in the green related industries, such as green building services, real estate management contracting, aged-care services and green finance and other business areas as well as take the green building technology ability as the core and strengthen the diversified business strategy synergy between business modules.。