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Responsibility to the People

Humanity is the origin of Landseas value. Whatever we do, we do it for people. 

Landsea insists in customer orientation and takes “meeting customer demand” as its duty. The so-called customer orientation is to optimize customer value under certain resource conditions rather than take no regard to the cost and benefit. Customer orientation is to continuously respond to customer comments and demands in order to better meet the needs of target customers than other competitors. Our basic starting point for business operation is to better cater customer needs. The higher the customer value that is created, the more value Landsea will be. 

Landsea takes employees as the core resource of the company and also assumes the obligation to create a happy and healthy occupational environment and fair opportunity development for our employees. We try to build platform for more talents and evaluate their achievements though performances and thus ignite their passion and encourage their commitment. Our company attaches great importance to encouraging and developing our staffs’ working ability, rather than simply providing employment opportunities. Employees are obliged to abide by the enterprise culture and rules and regulations. Landsea is a home for positive-minded, progressive people. 

Landsea appreciates all shareholders for their trust and will continually create value for shareholders with good management and operation. It is our sincere hope that shareholders can actively promote the healthy development of the company.