Landsea Cycle Fleet in HuangLong-xian of Nanjing on May 27


On May 27, Landsea Cycle Fleet held the 2nd Cycle Tour in Huanglong-xian of Jiangning in Nanjing. The cycle tour happened on the 6-km country road in one way. 4 returns were made and total cycling distance amounted to 48km.

The cycle tour was held in Huanglong-xian Leisure & Holiday Area, known as the most beautiful countryside. The total cycling distance was 48km. Because of the many curves and slopes, the cycling difficulty was greater and physical strength of the cyclists was needed.

The cycle tour happened on May 27, whose Chinese pronunciation was similar to the Chinese sentence meaning “I love cycling”. In spite of the shower and occasional heavy rainfall, the cyclists were not dwindled at all and most of them completed the entire cycle.