Announcement on Enhancing the Anti-corruption System at Landsea Green Property


As a leading enterprise in green high-tech property in China, Landsea Green Property adheres to the core values of “People-orientedness, Openness and Green”. Landsea has long been operating in compliance with the relevant laws and in strict self-disciplinary. When engaging in cooperation externally, Landsea encourages win-win situations with its partners and advocates fair and equal commercial competition. As to internal management, Landsea adheres to openness mechanism, emphasizing openness and transparency. Landsea is strongly opposed to any behavior that relies on the violation of business ethics to gain unjustifiable benefits.

To continue upholding righteousness and safeguard its corporate culture, Landsea will gather all relevant parties together to build a better anti-corruption system. In the process of communicating with Landsea as its clients, employees, shareholders or partners of Landsea, any behaviors related to malpractice, unfair competition, bribery or bribery taking, abuse of power for personal gain, and other behaviors violating the laws or regulations is found, you are encouraged to report on those behaviors in any channel. The reporting can be done in real name or in anonymity and should be supported by evidence,  objectively reflecting the facts. For ease of investigation, fact-based clues or evidence should be provided.  

Landsea now solemnly promises to all parties that it will handle each case of reporting seriously and investigate any instances of misconduct. For those who commit crimes, Landsea will show no hesitation to report the cases to the relevant judicial departments. At the same time, informants will be protected with the legitimate rights and interests. Their personal information will be kept strictly confidential. For those external and internal parties who report any behaviors violating the laws or regulations or provide any clues, Landsea will offer rewards according to the overall situation, considerable rewards will be given to those who contribute greatly.

Channels of reporting:
1. WeChat:
WeChat name: Auditing Department, Landsea Green Property
WeChat account: LANDSEA_JCS
WeChat QR code:



2. E-mail of the Chief Executive Officer: zc@landsea.cn
3. E-mail of the Auditing Department: jcs@landsea.cn
4. Telephone number of the Auditing Department: 025-84221045
5. Correspondence address: 108 Jianye Road, Nanjing, Landsea Auditing Department