Strategic Cooperation between Beijing Urban Construction and Landsea to Develop in Beijing with Coordinated Efforts


On August 16, in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Beijing Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Landsea Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Shi Zan, General Manager of Beijing Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Tian Ming, Chairman of Landsea Group, attended the signing ceremony.

According to the Agreement, Beijing Urban Construction which will rely on Landseas leading brand, development and operation experience in green property development and related fields, and Landsea which will utilize the powerful brand, capital, industry resources and influence of Beijing Urban Construction in Beijing, seek cooperation on elderly care services, long-term leasing apartment, green property development, etc. around their strategic meeting points, so as to expand and deepen specific cooperation areas, cooperation projects and ways of cooperation.

Shi Zan, General Manager of Beijing Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Tian Ming, Chairman of Landsea Group, at the Signing Ceremony 

Win-Win Cooperation to Achieve a Synergy Effect of 1+1 > 2

Its reported that Beijing Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Urban Construction Group, has the comprehensive development and management capacity for the whole process from land acquisition and resettlement, planning and design, marketing, construction management to property management, house leasing. Apart from real estate development, it also deals with class-A land development, asset management and equity investment.

As a state-owned enterprise, Beijing Urban Construction aims to provide the real estate industry with Chinese wisdom and solutions and customers with a better life, said Shi Zan, General Manager of Beijing Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. With the progress and development of society, Beijing Urban Construction will also be active in promoting mode innovation and property transformation & upgrading, and carrying out strategic cooperation.

Wang Congying, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Urban Construction, said that they came to know Landsea in 2013 and had met with each other in green building and innovative business-related occasions. This shows that Landsea has the same concerns as Beijing Urban Construction Group, which is also deeply impressed by Landseas long-standing adherence to green building.

Beijing Urban Construction’s Group Visiting Nanjing Landsea International Block 

As he said, Landsea Group has been adhering to the green differentiation strategy since 2004. The first three-star green building project in nine cities, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou, was acquired by Landsea, and 64% of the projects delivered with high comfort and low energy consumption were developed by Landsea, making it a worthy leader in green property in China. As the real estate market becomes more specialized and financialized, Landsea has gradually developed from a green technology real estate development enterprise into an international development service provider with green environmental protection and vertical integration capacity, aiming to provide customers with a green life cycle system, including green property development, elderly care services, long-term leasing apartment and other fields.

As Beijing Urban Construction has certain resource advantages in Beijing, we are expecting to introduce a mature system and technologies to directly start with", said Shi Zan, "Landseas advanced concepts and product models in green property, elderly care services and long-term leasing apartment are highly recognized by Beijing Urban Construction. We hope that this cooperation with Landsea will generate an effect of 1+1 > 2." 

Multi-dimensional Cooperation with Elderly Care as the Starting Point 

Prior to the signing ceremony, Beijing Urban Construction’s leaders visited Landseas multiple representative green property projects such as Hangzhou Yuefu, Nanjing Xihuafu and Nanjing Landsea International Block. In addition, they specially investigated Landseas representative elderly care project and long-term leasing apartment in Nanjing. Shi Zan revealed that this cooperation between both parties will be explored with elderly care as the starting point.

Beijing Urban Construction’s Group Visiting Landsea Ivy Elderly Care Project

According to Guo Liang, Deputy General Manager of Landsea Ivy, Landsea has been exploring elderly care services for five years in the context where there is no suitable profit model for elderly care in China. Landsea Elderly Care strives to be a leader of elderly care services with service capacity as the core by adhering to the "providing for the aged nearby" model. Landsea Ivy has now opened nearly 30 elderly care stations in Nanjing. In 2018, it expands from Nanjing to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other cities successively to cover more than 3200 stock beds.

"Landseas elderly care projects in Beijing are being orderly constructed. I believe that this strategic cooperation with Beijing Urban Construction will bring more possibilities for elderly care projects, so that Landsea elderly care services will take root better in Beijing, bringing the concept of family care and professional services for the elderly."

Besides, both parties conducted in-depth discussions on cooperation in green property and long-term leasing apartment.

Leaders of Beijing Urban Construction said that they were mostly impressed by team professionalism and open cooperation models during this visit. There is great space for cooperation in stock property renovation, long-term leasing apartment or innovative business aspects. This makes Beijing Urban Construction full of expectations towards possibilities in this cooperation.

Tian Ming, chairman of Landsea Group, said both parties will adhere to the concept of cooperation, mutual prosperity and complementary advantages, reach more levels of cooperation, establish a strategic partnership for sustainable development, strengthen their cooperation, and develop in Beijing with great efforts.