U.S.-China Energy Efficiency Collaboration Boosts Global Environmental Protection and Energy-saving Practice



Co-hosted by Chinas National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the U.S. Department of Energy, the 8th U.S.-China Energy Efficiency Forum was held on October 13, 2017, in Denver, Colorado. Landsea, as Deputy Member of the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency (CABEE) and as founder and practitioner of the Green Supply Chain of the China Real Estate Industry, participated in this forum. Together with other companies’ representatives and scholars from both countries, Landsea made significant efforts in achieving energy security and promoting environmental protection, as well as tackling global climate change.

If U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement in June has cast a shadow over global environmental protection, then this forum, as an important part of Energy Efficiency Action Plan under U.S.-China Framework for the Ten-Year Cooperation on Energy and Environment, brought a boost for the construction of a low-carbon society. Ren Shuben, director general of the Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection of Chinas NDRC, pointed out at the opening ceremony, “Since China and the U.S. are the two largest economic entities and energy consumers, it is incumbent on both countries to improve energy efficiency and conserve energy and resources. We share same aspirations in this field. This forum plays an important role in deepening U.S.-China cooperation in relevant fields and promoting energy-saving, low-carbon and green development.”

Participants of the 8th China-US Energy Efficiency Forum

At the forum, topics including Building Efficiency and Green Lighting, Demand Side Management and Technical and Policy Pathways, Energy Performance Contracting and Financing, and Industrial Energy-saving and Energy Management were deeply discussed and explored. A series of cooperation projects were signed by representatives from both countries. Mr. John Ho, CEO of Landsea Holdings Corporation, on behalf of Landsea Group, signed the U.S.-China “Better Buildings China Action Plan” Collaboration Framework Agreement.

Mr. John Ho signs the framework

Mr. Ho stressed in his speech, “Notably, in the past ten years, the construction industry has produced almost 40 percent of the total carbon emission in China, the energy consumption and carbon emission of real estate construction cannot be ignored anymore.” To develop a sustainable society and harmoniously coexist of human and nature, it is urgent to start a green revolution in real estate industry. Mr. Ho also introduced the Green Supply Chain of China Real Estate Industry jointly initiated by Landsea and other influential enterprises, “Applying economic interests to the upgrading and optimization of industrial structure, we can leverage a new balance between economic and environmental benefits.” The Green Supply Chain plan has received overwhelmingly positive responses from 89 real estate companies since its launch.

Following elaborating on the first Green Purchasing Standards, the actual implantation of Green Supply Chain, Mr. Ho enriched that concept with the “Black” and the “White” lists of real estate suppliers in the future. The Green Purchasing Standards is anticipated to expand and invite more participants in a broader field. By signing the U.S.-China “Better Buildings China Action Plan” Collaboration Framework Agreement, Landsea hopes to improve China’s living environment, help to achieve the energy-saving goal in the real estate industry, and promote sustainable social development.

Mr. Ho gives a speech

Drawing upon “Better Building Challenge” in the U.S. and suited in China’s situation, the core goal of “Better Buildings China Action” is to improve building energy efficiency, explore the comprehensive integrated solutions to improve energy efficiency, and solve “the Last Mile” for buildings energy saving and green development in China. As a pioneer in the field of green properties and Deputy Member of CABEE, Landsea supports and promotes “Better Buildings China Action.” Through the establishment of the Green Supply Chain, Landsea will contribute to a greener and environmentally friendlier construction industry, make efforts to promote “Green Buildings R&D Centers,” and improve the industrial level R&D capabilities and communication. With the full implementation of “Better Buildings China Action,” houses will be healthier, environmentally friendlier, and more comfortable and energy-efficient. 

Upholding the value of "People Oriented, Positive and Transparency, Green and Sustainable," and relying on our technical innovations, Landsea will lead the industry forward, build better and healthier homes for people, contribute to energy-saving goals of the building industry and respond to global climate change!