Landsea named "2017 Valuable Real Estate Developer"


On September 26, the "7th China Valuable Real Estate Annual Conference", hosted by National Business Daily, was held in Shanghai. As a major annual real estate event in China, the conference released "China Valuable Real Estate Rankings". Landsea (Green Real Estate) was named "2017 Valuable Real Estate Developer".

Corporate value recognized for green efforts

The "China Valuable Real Estate Annual Conference", started by National Business Daily in 2011, has become an influential and authoritative event and ideological feast with a high degree of participation in the real estate industry. The "China Valuable Real Estate Rankings" released concurrently has been highly recognized by the industry. The rankings are intended to evaluate real estate enterprises and projects impartially and objectively, and honor outstanding ones.

Scene of the 7th China Valuable Real Estate Annual Conference

At the conference, Landsea Green Real Estate shared the title of "2017 Valuable Real Estate Developer" with enterprises including Luneng Group, Jinke Group and Sincere Group. For many years, Landsea has been committed to building healthy, cozy, energy-conserving and environmentally-friendly green housing, and performing its corporate social responsibility. The title of shows the high recognition of Landsea from the real estate industry and all walks of life, and represents a phased result of Landseas efforts in building the capability of vertical integration.

In recent years, while developing its green real estate business persistently, Landsea has been cultivating businesses including architectural design, decoration, property, real estate finance, aged care and long-term rental apartment, in a bid to become a segment leader, develop these businesses in parallel with real estate business and build a forest-like green ecosystem.

Looking into industrial development, enhancing brand value through strategic transformation

2017 is a challenging year to traditional real estate enterprises, but a year of opportunity and prosperity for Landsea on the way of transformation. Under the harsh policies of purchase price limitations, industry reshuffle has been sped up drastically and the new inventory era has come quietly. Landsea has noticed that and conducted early deployment.

A forum dialogue at the 7th China Valuable Real Estate Annual Conference

Landsea proposed the concept of all-round strategic transformation early in late 2014 and has been conducting strategic transformation while focusing on green real estate. After mapping out the strategies of "product differentiation, light assets and market internationalization" in 2015 and advancing the strategies steadily, Landsea has changed into an international green real estate developer and service provider with the capability of vertical integration.

According to Tian Ming, Chairman of Landsea, Landsea has no fully-owned projects, but has a lot of business models including cooperative development, JV operation and commissioned development. He noted that the key to future development is the back end of the value chain including operation management and service management.

Enhancing comprehensive strength to become a high-end resource integrator

Landseas capability, experience, brand and differential product advantages accumulated in the green building field have laid a solid foundation for its asset-light transformation. Since 2004, Landsea has focused on building green housing. After more than 10 years of exploration, Landsea has developed a unique product strategy in the industry and kept ahead in Chinas green housing field.

While adhering to green differential development, Landsea has integrated upstream and downstream ecosphere resources in the industry, improved its capability of community operation and developed to be a resource integration service provider. Tishman Speyer is a model for Landsea during its transformation and upgrading. In the mode of Tishman Speyer, the real estate enterprise plays a role of management, participant, operator or professional manager. While enhancing its brand influence and competitiveness, Landsea will improve its capability of integrating investment, development, renovation and operation vertically to become a high-end resource integrator in the industry.