Landsea Property appears on "2017 China Characteristic Property Service Brands" list


In September 2017, China Real Estate Top10 Research held the "2017 China Real Estate Brand Value Research Findings Launch Conference & 14th China Real Estate Brand Development Summit" at the Beijing Yanqihu International Conference Center. The 2017 China Real Estate Service Brand Value Research Report was released. Landsea was named one of the "2017 China Characteristic Property Service Brands (Green Property & Community)" and "2017 East China Property Service Brands".

About the summit

With a history of 15 years, the real estate brand value research was initiated by three entities under the drive of China Real Estate Top 10 Research. It plays a guiding role in Chinas real estate industry. Over the past 15 years, it has interpreted and quantized the brand value of enterprises under the principles of objectivity, impartiality, accuracy and authoritativeness.

It is meaningful because of
1.Objectively quantizing enterprises brand value
2.Exploring the connotation of enterprises brand value
3.Prompting the society and consumers to fully recognize enterprises brand value and building the brand loyalty of consumers
4.And regularly tracking the brand value changes of enterprises, guiding enterprises in duly adjusting their brand management strategies and measures, and promoting the value preservation and appreciation of enterprises intangible assets

About the hosts

1.Enterprise Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council: Directly under the Development Research Center of the State Council, the institute is specialized in enterprise development and reform policy research and consultation.

2.Real Estate Research Institute, Tsinghua University: Founded in 1992, run by the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Economics and Management and the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua), the institute is a university-level trans-school research institute of Tsinghua.

3.China Index Academy: The academy is a big data strategic partner of the National Bureau of Statistics, as well as a price monitoring and early warning partner of the National Development and Reform Commission. It researches on the real estate market and real estate enterprises, and provides important decision making reference for industrial development.

About the entry

With the green gene of Landsea, Landsea Green Property has been working on green communities and green property since its establishment.

Health, safety, environmental friendliness, convenience and humanity are the symbols of Landsea communities. Just as Chairman Tian Ming said, Landsea is an idealistic company, Landsea Green Real Estate builds housing and Landsea Green Property serves the green life of owners.

In the era of own media and big data, a growing number of people have seen Landseas achievements, as well as its efforts on green communities and property. Landsea Green Property gained two awards at its debut in the summit. In June 2017, it was named one of China Top 100 Property Service Enterprises and Chinese Leading Characteristic Property Service Enterprises.

Green is not only a color, but also a life attitude, a working mode and a social responsibility. Landsea will keep going to become a model in the green community and property service industry!