Mayor of Weehawken Attends the Capping Ceremony of Landsea’s AVORA Project in the US


On May 19, 2017, the capping ceremony of the American Greater New York AVORA luxury waterscape apartment project of Landsea was held on the water’s edge of Weehawken, New Jersey. Richard Turner, mayor of Weehawken as well as officials of the municipal government, Martin Tian, chairman of Landsea Group, John Ho, CEO of Landsea US Holdings as well as the executive seniors and more than 150 local citizens, the media and owners of the project have gathered in front of the building near the Port Royal ferry station to attend this grand ceremony.

▲Group photo of Mr. Turner, chairman of Landsea Group, CEO of Landsea US Holdings and the team of Landsea Eastern US

“It has taken Weehawken 35 years to await such buildings as AVORA.” Mr. Turner said, “In those years, beside the water edge was still a vacant lot apart from some scattered industrial buildings. Developers’ contributions cannot go unnoticed to what it becomes today. The ground-breaking ceremony of AVORA was held last year, and now it has been capped. We will come back again in 2018 when it is completed! ”

▲Mr. Turner made a speech on behalf of the local government

  It is reported that the AVORA project won ten awards issued by SAM in April, 2017 due to its achievements in design, marketing and promotion and was also honored as “the Best Community in 2017”.

  AVORA, located on the opposite bank of Manhattan and on Hudson gold coastline, is designed by IBI Group, a world famous design company. It has altogether 11 floors, 184 residential units and the retail space of 6000 square feet close to the street. Thanks to the developed transportation of Port Royal community, it is of great convenience for people to get around, and they can get to the Port Royal ferry station on foot and it takes only 8 minutes to directly reach the midtown and downtown of Manhattan on the opposite bank by ferry.

▲The central swimming pool of AVORA faces midtown of Manhattan

  On the ceremony, John Ho, CEO of Landsea US Holdings expressed his heartfelt compliments to the project team. “Thanks to our professional construction and design team for their adherence and commitment to excellent quality, based on which the eternal charm of AVORA can be realized. This representative development project has combined the design of modern construction with outstanding supporting facilities, incomparable waterscape and sustainable architectural practice.”

▲John Ho, CEO of Landsea US Holdings made a speech

“Since its advance sale, AVORA has attracted numerous buyers both at home and abroad who have a strong admiration for its extraordinary waterscape, modern design, high-end interior decoration and supporting facilities just like taking vacations.” Gabe Pasquale, senior salesman and the marketing director of Landsea Eastern US commented, “The unique river view and location of AVORA make it the first choice to settle down on the gold coastline.”