Landsea Reaches Strategic Cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation and SHIP for the Joint Future Development of Green Aged Care


SHIP Holding Company, Sumitomo Corporation China Group and Landsea Group have reached a consensus on the implementation of aged care in joint efforts in China. With the rapid development of aging in China, it can be expected that there will be a growing demand for supporting the aged in the society. And Japan has already stepped into the graying society and has various kinds of successful cases in terms of projects of services for the aged. Landsea Group, expanding aged care in China, SHIP Group, providing related advisory services with rich operation experience in aged care in Japan as well as Sumitomo Corporation with rich business experience in China, have aimed at the growing supporting market for elders, given play to the aged care operation experience in Japan and explored the possibilities of collaboration. Responsible persons of the three companies attending the signing ceremony are Tian Ming, chairman of Landsea Group, Furukawa, chairman of SHIP Group, Ogawa, president of SHIP Group, Inoue Hiroki, CEO of Sumitomo Corporation and Guchang, executive director of Sumitomo Corporation.
  On January 23, 2017, Landsea Group, Sumitomo Corporation and SHIP Holding Company signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation and declared that they would explore strategic cooperation for aged care in China.

  The annual theme of Landsea Group in 2017 is “the year of cooperative partners”. Under the new business model 2.0, Landsea needs to be equipped with better cooperation ideas, cooperative attitude and cooperative methods. At the beginning of 2017, Landsea Group has signed strategic agreements respectively with two Japans top companies, thus starting “the year of cooperative partners”.
  Sumitomo Corporation was originally founded as The Osaka North Harbour Company Limited in December, 1919. Its businesses stretch over many fields, and it has 110 affiliated groups that conduct various businesses in Japan as well as 66 other countries and regions throughout the world. Sumitomo Corporation is affiliated with Sumitomo Foundation with a history of 400 years.
  Founded in 1992, SHIP is the largest group of medical industry in Japan that combines aged care with implementation management and sales of medical facilities. It has rich and advanced experience in the operation of facilities to support the aged as well as related services, and its comprehensive strength ranks first in Japan.
  According to this strategic cooperation, Landsea Group is mainly in charge of providing information and exploring cooperation concerning China’s supporting market for elders. SHIP is primarily responsible for providing Japan’s advanced aged care technologies and special operation technologies. Sumitomo Corporation is mainly responsible for related aged care business mode and cooperation exploration in China.
  In the field of green living, Japan has the international advanced technology and sophisticated experience, from which Landsea Group has learned since it was founded. Landsea has also made several study tours to Japan for research and investigation. Based on the same green living values, Landsea Group has achieved the strategic cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation and SHIP in an effort to realize the objective of the comprehensive development of its economic returns, social benefits and environmental benefits, which will also at the same time, help to further deepen Landsea’s strategy of “product-differentiation, asset-light and market-globalization”.
  As Mr. Tian Ming said, “We have reasons to believe that the advanced management philosophies and mature operation model of Sumitomo Corporation and SHIP will be of strong assistance to Landsea’s dream of green living, and the win-win cooperation among the three companies can also make greater contributions to the green living industry of China and Japan.”