Landsea Ranks 51th in the “2017 Best 500 of China Real Estate Developers” and Wins “2017 Best 10 of Innovation Ability of China Real Estate Developers”


On March 22, 2017, the press conference for the evaluation results of “2017 Best 500 of China Real Estate Developers” was held in Beijing. The high-profile evaluation list of “2017 Best 500 of China Real Estate Developers” was finally announced, and Landsea Green Properties has again had the honor to receive the laurel of “2017 Best 100 of China Real Estate Developers” and meanwhile won “2017 Best 10 of Innovation Ability of China Real Estate Developers”, which fully displays the leading power of Landsea in the field of green-tech real estate.

It is reported that the evaluation of “2017 Best 500 of China Real Estate Developers” co-chaired by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Appraisal under E-house China R&D Institute has been conducted for nine consecutive years, and the evaluation results have also served as important standards for the all-sided assessment of the comprehensive strength and position in industry of real estate developers.
  According to Xie Yuanjian, CTO of Landsea Green Properties, who has been invited to attend the conference, since 2004 when Landsea Green Properties started to develop Landsea International Block of Nanjing, it has focused on the construction of healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly green residence and clearly defined the green-tech real estate differentiation development strategy. So far, the company has developed more than 80 green-tech real estate projects and won 25 three-star certifications for its green buildings.
  “Green building product technology has always been the core competence of Landsea that is different from traditional developers as well as the fundamental of the three strategies of ‘product-differentiation, asset-light and market-globalization’.” Landsea has always adhered to the differentiation development strategy of green-tech real estate, held its leading position in the field of green building technology, continuously made creative efforts in its products and realized three times of upgrade including product 1.0, represented by Nanjing International Block, product 2.0, represented by Nanjing Zhongshan Green Townlet and product 3.0, represented by Nanjing Xihuafu.
  Landsea has adopted passive building, on which its latest product 3.0 is based, thus realizing a haze removal efficiency of 95%, a formaldehyde control standard of Finnish national standard S1 level and the control of TVOC. Health has become the first value appeal of its products. In the meantime, with the green building technology, Landsea is able to build the residences that are most suitable for the locals in accordance with local climatic characteristics as well as customer requirements by adjusting measures to local conditions and different persons.
  In addition, in the upgrading process of its products, Landsea has also conducted a lot of work on research, development and exploration, including a series of green innovative products such as Brook passive houses with an energy conservation rate of 70% to 80% compared with traditional buildings, Padova residences that are more comfortable, more healthy, more humanized and greener, household residences that can realize household switching and true time control and urban renewed residences after the green renovation of old buildings, thus making the product innovation capability based on green differentiation its real core competitiveness.
The latest results announcement of Landsea shows that in 2016, Landsea Group has achieved an operating revenue of about 4.845 billion yuan with a year-on-year dramatic increase of 170.2% (after rearrangement) as well as an annual profit of about 607 million yuan with a year-over-year growth of 26.5% (after rearrangement). During this period, sales volume in contracts signed and building areas in contracts signed of “Landsea production” have respectively risen by 101.4% and 45.8% to 28.349 billion yuan and 1.646 million square meters, in which the signed sales volumes concerning providing entrusted development and management service projects for Landsea Group and the independent third parties have reached 3.984 billion yuan and 9.366 billion yuan respectively. Excellent sales performance not only fully displays confidence of the market in the product quality produced by Landsea, but also shows that the company has made good progress gradually in differential positioning and asset-light strategy.